Bike to Scale


In the vein of public art displays, Bike to Scale is a public science experience, located in openly-accessible parks and sidewalks, meant to be used as a learning tool that aims to engage the public audience and teach about energy and scale — all through a blend of digital and tangible interfaces requiring physical effort and exertion. Pedal your way to understanding energy!

With an ever-growing abundance of marketing and social messages about sustainability, conservation, and renewable energy, the subject area can be confusing, riddled with impractical suggestions and abstract concepts. Born from a deep interest in the affordances of both digital and tangible learning tools, hands-on and informal educational experiences, accessibility for all learners, and the importance of environmental literacy, Bike to Scale focuses on enabling learners to gain a deeper understanding of scale, by connecting the physical exertion required of biking with graphical, embodied units and comparisons. This tool, which is a final project of the Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT) Master’s program at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education, endeavors to establish a basis of understanding about energy, help construct meaning and relevancy to the learners’ own lives and actions, and trigger increased interest in this realm.

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