The world is sprouting new ideas and incredible resources all the time!

Please check out the following sites, news articles, and organizations for more information on energy use, energy literacy, bikes, physics, transportation, environmental stewardship, and everything related. If you have any additions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

GOOD Magazine is, well, good. It contains a lot of really interesting articles and graphics on topics that range from culture and lifestyle to design, education, and environment. Well-designed layout, easy to access, and fun to spend hours reading through. In particular, it often has news on the fantastic theme of “bike nation“!

OPower A new way of viewing and understanding your utilities and energy usage. Compare socially with friends via Facebook, save money, and “[make] energy use personally relevant.”

Data Visualization: Home Appliance Energy Use (GE) Woo, GE elevates itself and shows off an interesting series of visualizations related to home energy use. I still have a hard time understanding kilowatt-hours though!

MIT 2.009 Resources: Environmental (from 2007)  2.009 is an advanced Mechanical Engineering course at MIT that forces/allows students to take their newly-acquired academic knowledge and put it to good project use. This page includes a ton of reference values.

Stanford’s CEE229s: Climate Change Adaptation in the Coastal Built Environment A fantastic project and/or seminar class in Stanford’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. I took it spring quarter and loved knowing that some people really are just moving forward with plans for mitigation, prevention, and response to rising sea levels — and putting plans into action for threats to coastal cities and seaports. Screw the debate, people; it’s happening.

Open Climate Science 101 An online course offered by the University of Chicago.

Momentum University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment presents Momentum: Environmental Solution in Motion.

EPA’s Climate Change The official EPA site on climate change. Beware, it can get technical and detailed, but oh-so-interesting.

And so so so soooooo much more! More coming soon — check back often! 🙂